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Author Interview – Matt Seeley – “Syndrome” (Contemporary Poetry)

Hey peoples!

I really think you should have a look at the interview I did with David Ellis over at toofulltowrite! I talk about my recent book, Syndrome, my inspirations and future plans.

Have a read of the interview in full here, then maybe head on over to Amazon to pick up a copy of my book…

Whether you’re pissed off at politicians, sick of the state of society, or just want to disappoint someone this Christmas, Syndrome is perfect for you!

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“Love and loss, happiness and heartbreak, politics, society and more. Syndrome covers all topics in emotional, angry, hard-hitting, bullish and original poetry.”


Angry at your government? Fed up with society?

Looking to disappoint somebody this Christmas?

This book is just what you need!


Over 100 pages of raw, powerful and unrelenting content


Available in paperback or on Kindle


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The word riff has so many meanings.

In music, it is a repeated phrase either at the beginning of a song or as a refrain. It may also be used as backing to a solo.

In spoken word, it is can be a long, often humourous and typically improvised piece on a particular subject. A riff may also be an abbreviation for refrain.

If, like me, you hail from the West Midlands (and apparently the Bromsgove area in particular) in the UK, a riff is an insult for somebody perceived to be dirty, poor or otherwise beneath you.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is a term for flicking quickly through a book. Coincidentally, if you are in need of a new book to riff through, I have one now available on Amazon…


“Love and loss, happiness and heartbreak, politics, society and more. Syndrome covers all topics in emotional, angry, hard-hitting, bullish and original poetry.”


Featuring poems on a range of themes: love, politics, society and more.

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