Perfect World

No one ever lives

As no one ever dies

No one ever feels

As no-one ever cries

No one ever trusts

As no one ever lies

No one ever fails

So no one ever tries



No one ever loves

As no one ever hates

No one sees a smile

Locked in this empty state

No more need for faith

As no one ever doubts

How can you say that

This is the perfect world


Is this what you want the world to be?

Free of hate and pain and agony?

Loveless, lifeless, feelings don’t exist

Emotion lost, and forever missed

Still We Fly

Like the castles we build on the sand

We’re told our dreams can never stand

Against the rising tide; yet still we try

Like paper planes caught on the breeze

Carried over unknown lands and seas

Our heading is long gone but still we fly


For now we’re at the mercy of

Time, the world, the universe

As we wait for the chance to come our way

But like a single rock can’t dam a stream

Nothing can stand before our dreams

We will find ourselves on course again some day


Like paper planes caught on the breeze

Carried over unknown lands and seas

Our heading is long gone but still we fly





Liberty is Freedom

It is a life without oppression

It is to not be enslaved


But we are not free

We are all oppressed

And we are all slaves

Controlled by the media

By governments

By religion

By money



A distant memory

A forgotten dream

A mere illusion

Liberty is a lie

You Can’t Silence Us

You can push us down

And chain us up

Clap us in irons

But we’ll never stop


Put us in prison

Throw away the key

Cut out our tongues

Because you fail to see


Our message is clear

It won’t go away

And people will hear

What we have to say


Because a voice is more

Than spoken words

It’s actions with a cause

That will always be heard


We act with purpose

With belief and with might

We battle hard for a cause

That we know to be right


We’re the Disunited Kingdom of Dysturbia

A once great nation now a dystopia

Where the leaders cling to power while the rest of us suffer

And it won’t be long before we all turn on each other


We’re the Disunited Kingdom of Dysturbia

A nation run by the state-fed media

And no-one has a clue who to even trust

‘Cause of all the bullshit lies and broken promises Continue reading


Isn’t it funny how life can change

One moment it all makes sense

The next it all feels so strange

Like nothing that you knew was real

You’ve woken from a dream

Now you don’t know how to feel

Still dealing with yesterday

Wishing that tomorrow

Could just wait another day

But time stops for no-one

It just leaves us lagging behind

Or barely holding on


The World’s Not Ready For Us

We are so right for each other

But the time’s not right for us

I’m so right for you

And you’re so right for me

But the time’s not right and the world’s not ready


But know that this is not the end

It’s just a change of course

I’ll always be here for you

As you will be for me

Just not the way we wanted to be


But I promise one day

If we can find a way

We will be together again

I’ll hold you so close

And I’ll never let go

You will stay in my arms ’til the end


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