You might have power

But that doesn’t make you strong

So you cower in your tower

And rely on your pawns


Away from the battle

You watch it all

Safe in your castle

While your soldiers fall


But when we break through

You lay down and resign

The least you should do

Is put yourself on the line


But it’s not like you

To accept your fate

You do all you can do

To avoid checkmate



Air running out

Trying to figure what

This life is all about

But I can’t find

A single clue

As confusion strangles

Like a noose


It gets harder to breathe

My chest grows tight

No means of escape

Within my sight

The walls in my mind

Are closing in

The only way out

Is by giving in

Worth Fighting For

I’ll never be a yes-man

I won’t ever be a drone

I won’t sacrifice my values

For a seat beside your throne

My soul is not for sale

My conscience won’t be sold

You can’t buy my loyalty

For any amount of gold

Power doesn’t tempt me

Money isn’t what I seek

I’m only looking for a way

To stand up for the weak

You may push me down

But I will stillĀ defy

You’ll never make me kneel

Or force me to comply

Like a rebel needs a cause

Like a soldier needs a war

All I ever need is

Something worth fighting for



I pull shut the curtains in my mind

Create a place that I can hide

And in the dark I shy away

Hoping tomorrow will be okay


But trapped in the crypts within my head

Deep in the tunnels I so often tread

Thoughts of malice, anger, regret and dread

Throughout my mind, like a fire, they spread


I have to stop always trying to hide

And keeping everything locked inside

I’ve got to find a way to escape my shell

Face my demons and give them hell



You Will Fall

You think that you’re above us all

Convinced that you will never fall

But if you keep on doing as you please

You’ll see this country brought to its knees


You think taking away our education

Is going to aid our subjugation

And depriving us of health and aid

Will in turn cause our strength to fade


You come at us with threats designed

To enslave our hearts and minds

You think that you can force our silence

And keep control through fear and violence


But with every blow that you deliver

The fire in our hearts grows ever bigger

Soon you’ll see the people rise

And crush your world before your eyes


You’re not untouchable

Nor indestructible

You’re not invincible

You will fall