They stab with blades We stand unafraid They come with guns We do not run Unfazed by bombs We carry on   The papers try to make us scared They cry “Be vigilant and prepared!” Make us question who we even trust Make us turn on one another Building walls between us Watching as our […]

You’ve always an excuse Arguing your innocence Questioning the evidence Looking for loopholes Finding gaps in the facts Insulting our intelligence But it’s yours that has lapsed You’re blinded by your ignorance And searing indifference You failed in your diligence You’ve fallen into our trap We made you over-confident You missed your own incompetence So […]

Why do you do you this to yourself Suffering; never seeking help Your pain is clear for all to see But you let it fester and eat away Dismiss concern, ignore the pleas Of those who wish for this to cease We ask “What’s wrong?” because we care So please be honest with us and […]

They hold us here in cruel containment Keep us alive for entertainment Feed us dreams of false attainment But it’s nothing more than enslavement   They put us through their weird experiments Not for study but their own merriment Testing our resolve and temperament And claim it’s for our own development   They make us […]

I would do anything for you I would follow you to the ends of the earth To the farthest reaches of the universe And shield you from harm I would carry you across seas of sorrow Over mountains of misery Through fields of despair To the lands of hope and happiness I would give my […]

I’m just an addict My whole world turns to static When I’m not with you   If you liked this, you should totally check out my book! Available exclusively on Amazon In paperback or as a Kindle download

It’s there again Haunting me Taunting me That image in the corner of my eye Everywhere I look it follows I try to shut it out But that only makes it stronger It won’t leave me Evoking those memories I just want to forget Provoking those feelings of anger and regret It’s always there Haunting […]

Carve your name on my heart I’ll be your finest work of art A willing canvas for your muse What subject will you choose A shot of love where roses bloom Or a cold, dark, empty tomb Paint me, sculpt me, put me on display I’ll be your canvas, your ball of clay Whichever scene […]

She does not walk upon the ground like mortals She floats above it, carried by wings we cannot see Hair flowing in her wake like the gentlest waves Eyes deep, magical and endless, like portals To another realm of angels like she Though I know she is one of a kind There are no others […]

In with the old Out with the new Sick of being told What dreams to pursue The path that I follow Doesn’t fit with the times But a different view Ain’t no fucking crime Just ’cause it’s ‘progress’ Doesn’t make it right New only looks best In the perfect light Modern’s no miracle No brilliant […]