I’ve a past of which I’m not that proud

Done things I’d rather not admit out loud

Said words that now make me ashamed

It would be fair to say that my soul is stained

I’ve thought I loved, believed I cared

But now I see I was just too scared

To go another day out there on my own

To spend a moment longer completely alone

The Hardest Goodbye

It was so perfect

We were as happy as ever we could be

But came the time to say goodbye

The hardest word I will ever say

All I want is to have you in my arms forever

But now you are beyond my reach

And no matter how hard I try

I cannot take your hand in mine

You are too far away

And I can’t make this on my own

I can’t survive this world alone

But I have your love

And the promise, sealed with a kiss,

That I will hold you again some day


My Addiction

You’re my sweet addiction

Your love like a needle in my vein

Relieving me of my craving

Releasing me from all the pain


Baby, you’re my heroin

My crystal meth, my crack cocaine

From the moment I let you in

You took right over my brain


Now I can’t give you up

Not that I want this to stop

You have total control over me

I just can’t get enough

I need you, my love

Please don’t you ever set me free

Saying Goodbye

My world turns to black and grey

Every time we say goodbye

All the colour is washed away

By the tears in my eyes
Saying goodbye and leaving you

Is the hardest thing I’ll ever do

I know it’ll tear my heart in two

And I know it’ll hurt you too
But it won’t be long

‘Til I’m back in your arms

And you in mine

Where we each belong