Here I will uploading every instrumental composition that I publish on Noteflight.

They are all produced digitally and contain two guitar staffs, one bass guitar staff and one drum staff. Some contain male or female operatic vocals.

Prior to using Noteflight, my only musical knowledge or experience was a few clarinet and guitar lessons, and a couple of years of piano. I had learned how to write music just by messing around on the software and seeing what does and does not work.

If there are any you particularly like, let me know!


Keep On Going

This piece is much lighter than I usually write. I was experimenting with ‘palm mute’ and the ‘ring’ instructions for guitar, and this is what I came up with.


Breaking Out Of My Shell

Perhaps my most positive and uplifting compostion, this one is actually one of the simplest. It is very repetetive, with only a handful of chords used.



I always title my instrumentals based on the way they sound, and Cursed was the first word that came to mind when listening back to this. It’s one of my heavier pieces, and perhaps draws some inspiration from one of my all-time favourite bands, Metallica.



As with Cursed, the title Creep just jumped out upon playback.


Living In Madness

This piece is one I’m particularly proud of, mainly for the fact I believe it’s the best I have written in terms of the drums.



This composition came about from experimenting with staccatos, trills and mordants.


This Is Not A Dream

One of my favourites, just for the drums.


Trapped In the Nightmare

This piece focuses heavily on the female operatic voice, which I used to create a far more haunting sound.


The Sickness

This was the first piece I wrote with a fast tempo and high notes on the lead guitar.


The Never-Ending

Even at only three minutes, this is one of my longest instrumentals. It also has more explicitly different sections to it, telling more of a story than a feeling or emotion.


Running (from the shadows in my mind)

I think the glockenspiel at the beginning and later on in the track really helped make this, as well as the operatic voice.



An odd one, mainly because I took part of one unfinished piece and stuck it in the middle of another with a totally different sound.


Panic Attack (Flatline)

I had the idea to use a drumbeat throughout a track to signify a heartbeat. This is what came of it.


Monster In Me

This simply came about as a result of experimenting with the bend, slide and glissando notations.



This was my first real attempt at focusing on the operatic vocals as much as the instruments.



This was written more whilst I was getting to grips with writing for drums, and I think it shows.


War In My Head (Insanity reigns)

The first instrumental I wrote with the aim of writing an instrumental!


Across The Plains

A completely different sound, this piece has was another experiment with the staccato and palm mute notations, as well as trying out different guitar combinations and drum kit style.