Can’t contain all the pain

That is festering in my brain

Signs of decay won’t wash away

My mind is stained – Am I insane?

I try to find some kind of sign

A ray of hope, a way to cope

But there’s no trick, no easy fix

No safety rope that I can grip

And all the pain flows from my brain

It spreads like wildfire through my veins

For all I try, I can’t deny

My mind is stained – Am I insane?


Inspired by one of my compositions


Trying to escape the demons

Running in circles once again

I thought I was finally free

But this never seems to end


Sometimes I try to hide

In the farthest corners of my mind

Hope they simply pass me by

But they always hunt me down


But there are times when the clouds are gone

The shadows vanish and the daylight comes

And the demons cower in the darkness

And I’m finally free to live


Inspired by one of my compositions

This Is Not A Dream

Fighting a battle that

I’m never going to win

Trying to escape but

The walls are closing in

My cries go unanswered

No-one hears me scream

Got to open up my eyes now

‘Cause this is not a dream


No use trying to wake up

‘Cause none of this is made up

Need to make the pain stop

Find a way to shake things up


But awake my world is spinning

Too fast to keep my grip

Can’t hold on much longer

As my fingers start to slip

I wish that I were sleeping

So I could just float away

But I know I can’t let go

‘Cause this is not a dream


Inspired by one of my compositions