Hey, I’m Matt. I write poetry. I wouldn’t say I’m great at it, but people generally seem impressed. So I’m here, trying to get some of what I write ‘out there.’

I’m a twenty-seven year old teenager. Technically an adult, but I don’t like the idea of growing up, and still look like I should be in high school. I was diagnosed with depression early in 2016, but had been suffering for several years before then. I’ve had dark times, and I’ve had times when everything has been great. And throughout, I have written poems, song lyrics, musical compositions, ramblings etc.. It’s what some may call my ‘coping method,’ though it’s more of an attempt at times to makes sense of things so I can better understand and be more effective in dealing with the negative times.

The title, Ups, Downs & Deviations, was a working title when I had friends encouraging me to publish an e-book. It was suggested by a friend, based on how my writings were primarily about the ups and the downs I experienced, but also other subjects. I’ve written, and write, about politics, love, anger, my own darkness (I prefer that term to depression), sex, and the experiences of friends as I imagine them.

My inspiration comes from lots of different places; my personal experiences, those of my friends, a line from a song, something I say and think ‘oh, that makes a nice verse.’ Sometimes I try to write a specific form, such as a sonnet or a villanelle (though I often just butcher it instead of sticking to its constraints), and other times I just start writing and see where I end up. And on a couple of occasions, I have written a piece without even realising.

On a final note, despite writing a lot of poetry, I have very little interest in reading. This means most of what I post is unedited as I struggle to read my own writings, so if you do notice any obvious errors, please do point them out.

Well, that’s me. I hope you enjoy my poems, or even just one of them.