The word riff has so many meanings.

In music, it is a repeated phrase either at the beginning of a song or as a refrain. It may also be used as backing to a solo.

In spoken word, it is can be a long, often humourous and typically improvised piece on a particular subject. A riff may also be an abbreviation for refrain.

If, like me, you hail from the West Midlands (and apparently the Bromsgove area in particular) in the UK, a riff is an insult for somebody perceived to be dirty, poor or otherwise beneath you.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is a term for flicking quickly through a book. Coincidentally, if you are in need of a new book to riff through, I have one now available on Amazon…


“Love and loss, happiness and heartbreak, politics, society and more. Syndrome covers all topics in emotional, angry, hard-hitting, bullish and original poetry.”


Featuring poems on a range of themes: love, politics, society and more.

If you purchase the paperback version for only £5.99* you can get the e-book at no extra cost!

Or it’s just £3.99* for the Kindle download – or it’s free with Kindle Unlimited…

*(or equivalent in whichever currency you prefer)

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