Memories Returning

I thought I was free from all those things I’ve done

Things I believed the world had all but forgotten

But they’ve returned, coming back to haunt me now

To drag me back down with them to Hell


The crimes I’ve committed and the mistakes that I’ve made

I thought I’d served my punishment, the price had been paid

But there’s no escape from my past, nowhere to run

As the storm in my mind rages on and on and on


All my faded memories, are coming back to focus

And I can’t see where I’m headed anymore

I can’t escape, they’re too strong to ignore

I got rid of them once, but they’re back to settle the score


So somebody save me, please; offer me a sweet release

End it all for me I beg off you; please, bring me peace

My memories are returning

Like a raging fire burning

And my sanity is falling apart, piece by painful piece



Inspired by one of my compositons

One thought on “Memories Returning

  1. Oh no! The character is in so much pain! I hope he finds relief. Somehow I was reminded of the lead character in the movie ‘Manchester by the sea’. I guess because of the helplessness he also faces. Brilliantly done, Matt.


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