A Kingdom United (repost)

A kingdom united?

Don’t make me laugh

There is no unity here

You saw to that


How can you claim

That united we stand

When you can’t even tell

Who is foe or friend


We should all stand together

Our priorities aligned

But if you think we do

Then you’re fucking blind


A kingdom united

Should survive any fall

But you put paid to that

You divided us all

Originally posted 23/01/17

I actually wrote this shortly after the ‘United’ Kingdom inexplicably voted to leave the EU, and the entire Conservative government turned on each other. It is still as relevant today, with the Scottish First Minister pushing for a second independence referendum in light of the entire Brexit fiasco, infighting affecting our major political parties, and a number of people still seeking to divide this nation for a variety of stupid reasons, and our unelected Prime Minister calling for a snap election in an attempt to not unite everybody but to assert her authority and push the unwanted upon us.  And all at the same time negotiations are underway for the nightmarish Brexit to become a terrifying reality.

The United Kingdom is far from living up to its name right now.

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