The Damned

We toil,

Turning rocks into sand;


We can no longer stand;

We fall,

To our knees and hands;

And so we crawl, we crawl!

We are the damned!



In darkness we do dwell;


Trapped deep within this hell;


Body just an empty shell;

We are the godless!

We are the damned!



From our family;


To a life of misery;


Erased from memory;

We are forsaken!

We are the damned!


Can’t remember the smell of the fields,

Or how the sunlight feels;

Can’t remember the stars in the skies,

The light shining in our eyes;

Can’t remember the sound of birdsong,

‘Cause we’ve been down here far too long;

Can’t remember how it felt to stand,

We are the damned!


Music can be found here


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