Crossed The Line

You expect to receive,

More than you’re willing to give.

But do you really believe,

This is the right way to live?

What do you hope to achieve?

Do you think I can forgive?


All the lies and deceit,

And all the hypocrisy.

And all the ways that you cheat,

Perfecting dishonesty.

There’s just no way to compete,

With your own autocracy.


You thought you were adept,

But you were just asinine.

You thought that I should accept,

I was yours, but you not mine.

But this time you overstepped,

Went too far and crossed the line.


Now I’m walking away,

You’ll never see me again.

No longer willing to play,

Your games of torturous pain.

So I bid you ‘good day,’

I’m free of these fucking chains.

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