Goodbye, My Friend

Goodbye, my friend, you’ll soon be gone

It hurts to think your time is done

I’m sorry that it’s come to this

Casting you into the abyss


It will be strange to see your place

Now empty and of you no trace

But this is fate, your path’s been laid

I hope you don’t feel betrayed


You tried so hard, you did your best

But it’s time now for you to rest

I wish there were another way

But there is not, you cannot stay


You’ve been with me for my whole life

The joys, the pains, the smiles, the strife

But now your road is at an end

It’s time to say goodbye, my friend

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, My Friend

  1. This is beautiful but it made me think of my uncle who died two days ago.
    It hurts to say goodbye but sometimes there is no way around goodbye

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      • Indeed, I just wish he hadn’t died the way he did. He was found dead in his car in the hospital parking lot. He died from blood vessels bursting in his head and another issue with head. All I have left is a photo. He was better to me than my father was whom is brother.


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