Dear Theresa May

An open letter for Ms. May, current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Dear Theresa May,

I would sooner jerk off an angry rhinoceros, and enthusiastically swallow its goo, than ever trust you to have the best interests of the people you claim to serve at heart.

Yours sincerely,

Ups, Downs & Deviations



  1. I get you even though your a Brit – I get your thought process – at least I think I do – you just haven’t found the right person yet. You need someone more open minded than most- because you obviously are. And you need consistent kink in your sex life – I get it. Tell me if I’m wrong ?


    1. It’s not just about finding ‘the right person’ but doing so at the right time. Yeah, open mindedness is important, as the majority of people tend to demand exclusivity. As for the kink, dunno. I’d much rather make love to somebody I care deeply for than get up to any of what I write about. -shrugs-

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