Here in this Garden

All Needs are fulfilled

All Wants are satisfied

All but one


For here in this Garden

A tree does grow

Its fruit Forbidden

And it is this for which I Yearn


All else in this Garden

I may Feast on at my leisure

But not Fruit Forbidden

No, I am denied that Pleasure


Yet a Devil stalks this Garden

It knows I Desire that Fruit

It sees my frustration

Feeds off of my Temptation


I hear whispers around this Garden

Coming from all directions

Tempting me with that Fruit –

That which has been Forbidden


I am pulled around this Garden

The whispers leading the way

Closer to the tree Forbidden

To the source of my Temptation


Not real is this Garden

Not real is the tree

But real is the Devil

And the Desire inside of me


You are the Forbidden

The Fruit for which I Lust

And the Devil would see me taste you

And my Eden turned to Dust

Image copyright belongs to MargoLuc (https://www.flickr.com/photos/68991194@N00)


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