The Price We Pay

How many sons and daughters now,
Have you sent to the grave?
How many mothers’ babies now,
Have you failed to save?

How many brothers and sisters now,
Have you thrown away and lost?
How many more now must you lose,
Before you say it ain’t worth the cost?

How many mothers and fathers now,
Have you taken from their family?
How many children have you left grieving,
The parent that they’ll never see again?

How much money are you gonna waste,
For the sake of taking lives?
How much money will you piss away,
Ignoring the lives that could be saved?

How much longer will you continue to play,
With lives not even yours?
How many more must you throw away,
How many fucking more,
Before you see the price we pay,
For yet another pointless war?


Prime ministers, presidents, chancellors. Elected (sometimes) by the masses to serve the nation’s best interests. They declare wars that they will never personally fight, instead sending soldiers to get slaughtered. But do they care? Of course not. And do they spend the nation’s money on keeping those soldiers alive, or keeping the people back home alive? Not as much as they should, instead wasting money on drones and missiles that kill more innocents than legitimate targets.

In 2014-2015, the UK government spent approximately £140 billion on health services. £38 billion was spent 0n ‘defence.’ It’s expected that the NHS will have its funding slashed in the coming years, or privatised. Meanwhile, more money is to be spent on building bigger and better killing machines for use in other countries, while at the same time cut the money spent on properly kitting out the troops so they can avoid being killed. The government would rather use the taxpayers’ money to murder people than save lives.


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